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dan-callahanDan Callahan, LMSW is a licensed social worker in the State of New York. Dan has been a human service professional since 1983 and specializes in addiction treatment and recovery.

Dan studied social sciences and received a Bachelors of Science at the University of Stony Brook and completed a Masters in Social Work program at Fordham University School of Social Welfare, New York City in 1997.

Dan is the author of two addiction recovery works: A book of recovery essays, titled, “Recovery Thinking, 90-Days to Change Your Lie” and a recovery workbook “Freedom Recovery, 90-Days to Recover” that is utilized as an out-patient recovery guide and an inpatient addiction treatment workbook.

Dan is the co-developer of the earth shattering “Break Free Plan” TM a successful recovery program that incorporates individualized addiction treatment beginning with the “end in mind” and that incorporates community, vocational, & family reintegration with recovery support whereas a skilled sober companion escorts the recovering individual home from their treatment experience.

Since 1988 Dan has been assisting individuals and families overcome addiction by locating appropriate treatment options including: mutual support, therapy, detox services, case management, inpatient and outpatient treatment, and other ancillary addiction recovery services.

Millions of people world wide are battling drug addictions. Starting at a young age we are exposed to the dangers of drugs both illicit and legal. While parents fight to educate their children on the dangers of drugs the peer pressure can be to much to handle. Marijuana is typically the first drug to be abused by nearly every youth, this is why it is considered the gate way drug. According to the Nations Institute on Drug Abuse a 2012 study showed that  6.5 percent of 8th graders, 17.0 percent of 10th graders, and 22.9 percent of 12th graders used marijuana in the past month. With drug abuse starting at our youth it is important to continue to educate our children on the dangers and encourage them to make the right choice to just say no to drugs.

Victim to Drug Addiction

All children turn into adults. With this said, not everyone is able to avoid the temptation of drugs. Many choose to abuse drugs for recreational purposes, others are looking to numb  physical and/or emotional pain. When using these drugs it is easy to develop a tolerance and over time a dependency. When addicted to drugs many just do not know where to go for help. Drugless.org is here to help educate individuals on the dangers of drugs and what treatment options are available to individuals suffering from drug addiction. At Drugless.org you can be pointed in the direction to find success in recovery.

The Endless Road To Recovery

At Drugless.org there is a team of highly educated chemical dependency specialists that are reaching out to individuals worldwide by offering educational information on drug addiction and the treatment services available. When addicted to drugs many feel as if they are alone, looking for a way out but with no hope in sight. Drugless.org makes those people realize they are not alone, there are people who care and are willing to help them find the success the desire in recovery. Drug addiction is not the end of the road, with the help of Drugless.org you will realize that your road is endless in recovery.

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Sharon from Ohio

Getting my life back in order was probably the most important thing in the world to me at that point. I was down and feeling hopeless. Thank god there are people who care.

Alex from Florida

I guess when you have a problem you don’t want to admit it. After pretty much destroying everything around me and getting to the point where I was homeless – enough was enough. Thanks to the support and the community that lifted me up I am not over 2 years sober.

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Drugless.org is a community of volunteers who have all been affected by addiction. We know your struggle firsthand.

A global partnership for drug abuse prevention, intervention and treatment.
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