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Top 10 Places to Live in Recovery (Best Sobriety Locations)

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are a diseases that last a life time. While you are in recovery you are still an addict and will never be able to have a drink or take drugs without fueling and awakening this horrible disease. To keep yourself in control of your addiction you require regular maintenance; this can be a monthly, weekly or even daily visit to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or other recovery support group meetings. There you will find the support of others in similar situations and the strength in yourself to keep on fighting addiction, remaining sober.

With temptation nearly every where you turn the risk of relapse is high. While you can not avoid temptation all together you can change your lifestyle to one that fully promotes sober living, even move to a state, a different city that can help you keep sober. Throughout the United States there are many Sober living communities. Within these communities that are a significant number of recovery support group meets and other sober activities that will help you keep on the path of sobriety.

Delray Beach, Florida


Delray Beach is located in the sunshine state of Florida. It is known as tourist town but also is known as “the country’s largest and most vibrant recovery community” by the New York Times in 2008. Delray Beach and surrounding areas are home to a wide array of sober-living homes within residential neighborhoods that allow addict to overcome their addiction in an tranquil and home like environment. With over 300 12-step meetings Delray Beach sees more than 5,000 people in Recovery each week.  The Delray Beach community promote sober living all throughout with regular recovery radio shows, a recovery motorcycle club, and a coffeehouse with its own therapy group. Not only is there a large support system for recovering addicts in Delray Beach there are also an abundance of entry level jobs that will help newly recovering addicts to get back on their feet and regain control of their lives.

Boston, Massachusetts


Boston is best known as the home of Harvard University and MIT. It also is well known for its drinking,being known as one of the top US cities for alcohol use. While the city’s residents and tourist are exposed to mass amounts of businesses that promote drinking alcohol the city itself takes sobriety seriously, offering over 2000 recovery support group meeting (such as AA and NA) in the greater Boston area. The city is host to a “commitment exchange” program where many different local AA groups will send their members to speak at other meetings. This helps to broaden their sober network and offers an wide array of recovery techniques to people all throughout the greater Boston area.

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California has a huge AA and NA fellowships with over 3,100 meetings per week. The City of Angels fully supports sobriety amongst its residents and visitors. Members of AA and NA meetings tend to be very social in and out of group, arriving an hour early to mingle and then out to dinner after with other members, developing bond and relationships that promote sobriety. LA is home to many high end treatment and sober living facilities that have help celebrates to get sober as well as the average person to overcome their addiction.

Huston, Texas


H0uston, Texas is known for being built on oil. What it is less known for is the large number of 12-Step “clubhouses,” which are  dedicated venue where people who are in recovery can hang out all day, attend meetings, drink coffee and enjoy meals with others in recovery. These clubhouses offer hospitality and social opportunities that you would find in a bar scene, however it promotes sober living with no alcohol in sight. These 12 step clubhouses are not closed only to local members, they are very welcoming to out-of-towners in need of a meeting. With over 580 AA groups, Huston has over 2,400 meetings a week.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota is best known as “City of Lakes”, it is less commonly known as “The Land of 1,000 Treatment Centers”. The state of Minnesota has a wide array of rehabs with world known Hazelden calling it home, along with 11 of the country’s public sober high schools. Minnesota promotes recovery and sobriety throughout and their residents have a high awareness about addiction. Minneapolis is not only about providing treatment services but are big on promoting prevention services to help educate youth and help them to avoid the dangers of drug addiction and alcoholism.

New York, New York


New York City is known as the city that never sleeps with a huge night life, easy availability of drugs and alcohol, this can cause anyone to hit rock bottom. NYC also has a massive sober network to help keep those who want to be sober, helping thousands get back on their feet. The city holds 4,000 AA meetings per week in all five boroughs and hundreds more of OA, NA, SLAA, DA, GA, UA meetings. NYC works hard to keep people in recovery by providing a sober option to nearly every holiday and celebration throughout the city.

Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, Tennessee is Music City of the US. The Daily Beast research alcohol use amongst Tennessee citizens with just 8.92 drinks consumed by each person per week, making it the “Soberest City” in the US. For those who do have a drinking problem they can find 280 AA meetings in Nashville each week. The AA community hosts around 10 events per month to help their fellow addicts in recovery by promoting sober living.

Portland, Oregon


Portland, Oregon is  true sober community. The city hosts many different AA groups, you are bound to find one that will meet your personal recovery needs. The AA program in Portland is strong just as all other Recovery groups within the city. The city ha the reputation of a hipster town but that does not stop it from holding onto its title as one of the top 10 places to live in Recovery.

San Francisco, California


San Francisco is the city of new beginnings, for those with or without addictions. This is one of the most diverse cities in the Nation and its recovery community reflects this. San Francisco has 588 weekly meetings with 20% holding a GLBT focus, and nearly 500 Spanish speaking meetings in the San Fran area. People of all walks of life can find comfort in San Francisco from its cultural acceptance to its environmental differences.


Prescott, Arizona


Prescott is a small recovery city in Arizona that is home to many sober men and women. The city is home to dozens of sober living facilities, detox centers and halfway houses. The city is home to only 40,000 residents with an estimate of 1,2000 people receiving treatment in Prescott on any given day. The community of Prescott does what they can to raise awareness and provide preventative educational services to the general public, the residents have made a commitment to sobriety in hopes to create a better future for themselves and the next generation.

Finding a Recovery City for You

You do not need to relocate to ensure your sobriety. There are many different AA, OA, NA, SLAA, DA, GA, UA meetings in your surrounding areas that will help you in maintaining your sobriety and creating a  better tomorrow for yourself. If you are considering relocating look into one of our Top 10 Places to Live in Recovery.

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Top 10 Places to Live in Recovery (Best Sobriety Locations)


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