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What defines dependency?

Dependency of a substance is defined by the individual developing a tolerance to that particular substance, needing increased amounts to achieve the desired effects, and developing withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance over a long period of time. The individual will exhibit drug or alcohol seeking behaviors, turning to their substance of choice for comfort from symptoms of withdrawal.

The Risks of Substance Abuse

When dependent on a substance, the individual will seek out that particular substance at all costs. They may suffer financial issues, problems at home or work, even legal troubles as a result of abusing their substance of choice. Prolonged use of drugs or alcohol can also lead to the individual developing physical and psychological health problems.

Why Do People Abuse Drugs and Alcohol?

Many people turn to substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications as a way cope with mental and emotional pain, others use these substance as a way to escape realty and experience the effects of the substance for recreational pleasures.

Treating a Dependency to Drugs or Alcohol

For most suffering from a dependency to drugs or alcohol, treatment is needed to get sober. This involves detoxification, counseling and therapy, as well as chemical and/or alcohol dependency education. This treatment can take place in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, according to the individuals needs. Each aspect to the treatment process should be tailored to the patients individual needs, helping to ensure the success in their sobriety.


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Sharon from Ohio

Getting my life back in order was probably the most important thing in the world to me at that point. I was down and feeling hopeless. Thank god there are people who care.

Alex from Florida

I guess when you have a problem you don’t want to admit it. After pretty much destroying everything around me and getting to the point where I was homeless – enough was enough. Thanks to the support and the community that lifted me up I am not over 2 years sober.

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What defines dependency?


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