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The Top Drug Treatment Centers in the USA

Drug addiction is a growing epidemic. More people are affected by substance abuse problems worldwide than any other disease. It affects nearly every organ in the body and eats away at the mind, causing irreversible damage. Chronic substance abuse causes the person to only respond to the drug itself, their minds and body are fully dependent on the drug, without it they are unable to experience pleasure and function in the “real world”. They are addicted and unable to stop its use on their own.

Drug addiction is a disease and it should be treated as such. There are only a few places that are able to treat drug addictions successfully. Drug rehab centers are helping people worldwide to recover from drug abuse and maintain their sobriety life long.

1) Solutions Recovery Center

Solutions Recovery CenterSolutions Recovery Center is a specialized addictions treatment center. There clients are provided with a private and confidential facility that takes them away from the stigma of substance abuse treatment. Each client will receive an individualized treatment plan at Solutions Recovery Center. This affordable facility offers a tranquil environment for clients to overcome their physical and psychological addiction to drugs at their own pace. The professional staff and mentors at Solutions Recovery Center are fully equipped with an in depth understanding of the recovery process, many of which have a long-term recovery history themselves. The Solutions Recovery Center’s staff are truly commitment to assist clients suffering from substance abuse problems through each step of the recovery process, guiding them to a more fulfilling and sober life. Visit Solutions Recovery Center.

2) Passages Malibu

Passages MalibuPassages Malibu rehab center is located in the private hills of Malibu. This serene location offers clients a therapeutic and safe environment to heal from the effects of substance abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. In 2001 the father and son team Chris & Pax Prentiss founded Passages Malibu. Pax battled and successfully overcame a 10-year addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin by using a holistic treatment approach with one-on-one therapy. Pax modeled Passages Malibu treatment approach to this highly effective therapy. Passages Malibu offers a non 12-step, holistic treatment program that is individualized to each clients personal recovery needs.

3) Betty Ford Center

Betty Ford CenterThe famous celebrity rehab, Betty Ford Center has taken in thousands of people looking to get sober. This high class substance abuse treatment facility is located in California, and has been providing addiction treatment services since opening their doors in October 1982. Betty Ford Center is not only popular for the number of celebrities that have walked through their doors but because of how successful the treatment they have provided to all of their clients is. The center focuses on a singular mission: “To provide effective treatment services for alcoholism and other drug dependencies.” At Betty Ford Center it is important to fully involve friends and family of each client in the treatment process, healing the client spiritually and helping the client to get in touch with a greater power. Upon completion of the program each client will  possess the tools needed to maintain their sobriety in a healthy way.


4) Hazelden Treatment Centers

HazeldenHazelden was founded in 1949. Since this time it has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most respected private not-for-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. Hazelden has locations in Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and Illinois. Each of Hazelden’s treatment centers work to help individuals, families, and communities struggling with substance abuse problems, drug addiction and alcoholism. Hazelden offers support to each client at all stages of the treatment and recovery process through a 12 step based program. Each year Hazelden welcomes thousands of people looking to finding strength within the treatment center and providing them with the support that they need to successfully recover.

5) Narconon

NarcononIn 1966 an Arizona State Prison inmate, William Beneitez, founded the Narconon program, allowing him and dozens of other inmates to overcome their addictions to heroin. Since this time the Narconon program has evolved from a small program used by Arizona State Prison inmates to one that helps people worldwide. Today, Narconon is a worldwide network of over 120 drug prevention and drug-free social education rehabilitation centers. Tens of thousands of addicts have been able to successfully recovery with the help of Narconon’s dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as educating millions about the truth of drugs. It is a non-profit public benefit organization that is dedicated to stopping drug abuse through drug prevention, drug education and drug rehabilitation. Narconon offers an entirely drug-free social education program through drug rehabilitation that has helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome their addictions and live healthy, sober lives.

6) Hope by the Sea

Hope by the SeaHope by the Sea offers clients a high-quality, effective drug rehab and alcohol rehab. The facility is located in Southern California, San Juan Capistrano. Hope by the Sea serves many local communities like Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Clemente and other Orange County communities. However their services are not limited to California residents, many of Hope by the Sea’s patients come from throughout the country, even from abroad, seeking the finest drug rehab and alcoholism treatment . Hope by the Sea offers individualized treatment programs for drug rehab,  having proven success with past clients in their treatment methods. Each client will be fully evaluated, an individualize treatment plan put in place with regular one-on-one treatment. At Hope by the Sea they realize that addiction and alcoholism can affect anyone, this is why they offer their clients with reasonable costs, making their facility affordable to all who need help.

7) Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside MalibuCliffside Malibu has years of experience that allows them to offer clients with cutting-edge, evidence-based, life-saving, and holistic treatment. Located in California, Cliffside malibu allows clients to recover in a luxury estate setting with 24-7 staffing of leading professionals in addictions treatment. Cliffside Malibu guarantees their clients success in sobriety by using individualized treatment plans focused on healing the mind, body and soul from the effects of addiction. Clients will receive treatment with intensive one-on-one therapy, physical activity, nutritional support, yoga, equine therapy and acupuncture, as well as many other effective modalities. Cliffside Malibu feels it is important to have support at any point in the recovery process, opening their doors to thousands of people both local and worldwide. With a JCAHO accredited, Cliffside Malibu offers clients the highest standards of care.

8) The Caron foundation

Caron FoundationThe Caron foundation is one of the most popular rehab centers for young adults, with locations within Princeton, Texas; Wernersville, PA; and Boca Raton, Florida. It is one of two treatment centers affiliated with The University of Pennsylvania. The Caron foundation is nationally recognized as a non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. At Caron the Doctors and staff treat each clients personal recovery needs through clinical programs individualized to help them work through a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Clients can find cutting-edge addiction treatment at the Caron. The foundation uses the most effective and researched evidenced-based practices, as well as 2-Step facilitation, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help guide each client through the treatment and recovery process. Adolescents, young adults and adults are able to work through their addictions in a safe and therapeutic fashion at the Caron Foundation.

9) Mark Houston Recovery

Mark Houston Recovery Center“The Mark Houston Recovery Center is now carrying on Mark’s vision under a new name—The Benchmark Recovery Center.”

The Benchmark Recovery Center provides high levels of care, compassion, and knowledge to their residents, and are currently adding and expanding on their already proven program of recovery during their transition from the Mark Houston Recovery Center to Benchmark. Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are life long diseases that require an set of practices to  change the way of living within the person in recovery, allowing them to get sober and stay sober throughout their life. At Benchmark the clients will be provided with a set of life skills and spiritual practices that will allow them to maintain their sobriety in a healthy way in their day to day lives. Benchmark Recovery Center offers clients with 12 step and spiritual treatment with 90 plus day programs. The facility offers separate living for men and women, personal trainers and yoga instructors, staff with person recovery experience and success, solutions for chronic relapsers, and programs that focus on Goal Setting, Vision and Intent.

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The Top Drug Treatment Centers in the USA


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