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Abusing Prescription Drugs

Most people only take prescription drugs for the purpose they are intended for. However, an estimated 48 million people (aged 12 and older) have used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons in their lifetime, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In recent years there has been a drastic increase of people abusing and misusing […]

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The Negative Consequences of Medical Marijuana

There is much debate around medical marijuana. So much so that many people are beginning to question if Marijuana is truly harmful. The fact is that it has been known and well documented for many years as a harmful drug and major American health organizations do not accept marijuana as medicine. Media has pushed pro […]

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The Positive Results of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana break troughs are making the drug more and more popular for medicinal purposes. A recent study shows that medical marijuana is an antidote for the nation’s scourge of fatal overdoses. This only adds to the medical debate of whether marijuana should be used in the medical community and so widely available to patients. […]

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Why some doctors frown upon criminalizing drug use during pregnancy, although it is harmful

For decades, the most respected medical groups have opposed the criminalization of drug use during pregnancy because it may deter women from seeking prenatal care and addiction treatment. The risk of being arrested or locked in a mental institution, having your child taken away, is going to keep many expecting mothers from getting the care […]

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Jail: A mental hospital

In Chicago is the largest mental hospital in America. This huge compound helps thousands of people suffering from manias, psychoses and other disorders. It is not like other mental hospital, in fact it is surrounded by high fences and barbed wire because it is a jail. The only way to enter into this mental hospital […]

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Drug addiction and Homelessness

Homelessness has long been associated with drug addiction. While it is true in many cases that homeless people are suffering from a drug addiction, it is not in all cases and the two can not be linked together for everyone who is displaced. Homelessness can occur for many reasons, and there is no easy solution […]

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Drug Abuse While Pregnant

Drug abuse during pregnancy can lead to a host of negative effects on your unborn baby. It is important to watch what you put into your body while you are pregnant, just as you would watch what you eat. Everything that goes into your body will have an effect on your unborn baby in one […]

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Alternative Medicine was Mainstream Before the 1940s

Alternative medicine was once considered to be mainstream. For thousands of years the use of herbs, tinctures, roots and medicinal mushrooms were proven effective for medicinal purposes. Using Nature’s powerful extracts and herbal tinctures based with a long history of proven methods, Doctors would make house calls and traveling snake oil salesmen were able to […]

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When Did Drugs Become Commonly Used

Drugs have been used throughout history for both spiritual rituals, medicinal purposes as well as recreational. Alcohol, Psilocybin mushrooms, Peyote Cactus, Ayahuasca(DMT), Salvia D., Opium, and Marijuana have been used most commonly throughout the years in various cultures and religions. Other drugs known as “Designer Drugs” have a much shorter history. LSD became popular in […]

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Using drugless healers: alternative medicine

Today, more than ever, people are choosing to use alternative medicine to recovery from addiction. While using alternative medicines to treat drug addiction and alcoholism is considered unorthodox and does not have proven success in treatment, however many people choose to use it as an innovative and integrative from of therapy. Alternative Medicines have been […]

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Sharon from Ohio

Getting my life back in order was probably the most important thing in the world to me at that point. I was down and feeling hopeless. Thank god there are people who care.

Alex from Florida

I guess when you have a problem you don’t want to admit it. After pretty much destroying everything around me and getting to the point where I was homeless – enough was enough. Thanks to the support and the community that lifted me up I am not over 2 years sober.

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Abusing Prescription Drugs


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